Hey all, have you heard? Marketing is my passion!!! ❤️ I love business, sales, and everything creative and I hope you feel it in my social media presence. I know many of you are passionate about what you do but it doesn’t show online.

Guess what? Samson Virtual is here to help you! My business is built online and most of the clients I have were attracted to my Instagram or Facebook page and we decided to work together. In fact, 90% of them are. The other 10% comes from Referrals, cold calling, networking, and email campaigns. I haven’t done door-knocking yet, but I do talk to random strangers at places like the coffee shop or gym and strike up a conversation about marketing.

That’s how I got one of my biggest client, Cricket Wireless, then added the owner on Facebook and he watched my social media content for about 3 months then called me. He read my posts about marketing, got a sense of who I am as a person, then gave my company a shot.

This was almost 6 months ago and they are renewing monthly consistently because they are getting positive results. Social media is a powerful b2b nurturing tool. Because of it, keywords such as “Marina Samson Instagram” Don’t worry about how many likes you get on your branded content or ads, worry about the information you are providing, because the right people are reading and watching it!