This day and age, everybody wants immediate results. I know the beginning stages of a business are the most difficult, we believe in our product or service and expect others to invest in us immediately. After all, we put our hard-earned money into the business, perfected our pricing, and believe in excellent customer service.

So why aren’t the customers blowing up our phone? Why isn’t our website getting thousands of clicks per day?

Why? Because trust in your brand takes time. Serious consumers want to see that you are legitimate. That you will withstand the test of time, to be certain that your business is the real deal. It takes an average of 5-7 views on an ad before taking action, whether it’s clicking on the website link or filling out a form.

Don’t expect immediate results, this is not how business or marketing works. Rarely do businesses turn into overnight successes. It’s repetition, consistency, growth, and offering a representation of quality products that turn the business into a success, repeating and reminding over and over until the consumer trusts your brand.

That’s one part of Marketing. Having brand awareness, once you get a positive reputation and have a positive online presence, then the chances increase of your ads work. No one will trust a brand with no website, no history of value, no information. It takes an average of 6-12 months to get there. Trust takes time. Don’t go months without reminding your audience what you do, they will remember you. Just trust the process.