I’ve recently Googled the keywords “80/20 Rule Social Media”, and the articles that came up were worthy of my 5 minutes to read. Although no one out-right said “80/20 doesn’t work”, a couple of writers did say that it was “outdated” but did not offer any other better sources or formulas, just blanket statements.


One of the things I loathe the most is when people criticize without offering solutions. It’s distasteful and counterproductive. Over the course of 14 months and numerous proven cases, the Golden Rule still applies to having a great social media presence and attracting the followers that you want and converting them into clients.


Now, some use an outdated “cookie-cutter” 80/20 rule and yes it can be ineffective because you don’t know your audience and what is interesting to them.


The user experience is what matters most, not what YOU think is interesting, you have to think, “what interests the customer”. Some of you don’t even know what the 80/20 rule is, here it is in basic terms: 80% of the content you create should be non-sales engaging content such as education tips, information, memes, infographics, photos, self-promotion, and more. 20% of the time, you should be selling.


I’m not going to give away my formula for free, however, the 80/20 rule is still GOLDEN as time and again my business and my clients yield tremendous results by the correct application of the rule and the best formula. I’ll give you hint, my method has to do with self-promotion and creating value and interest first, the goal to earn the trust of the follower and eventually convert them into a buying customer. Creating a personal connection with your audience is key, if nothing else, you’ve gained a friend!


Ultimately, you have to figure out what’s best for your customer, then the results come pouring in. Partner up with a great marketing company like Samson Virtual who listens and guides you instead of letting you try on your own and risk failure. The right 80/20 formula is out there for you too!