79% of Americans are on Social Media daily, according www.statista.com, including Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In, and Twitter. Often times, many go straight to Social Media to source for the news of the day and watch relevant news prior to tuning in on their television. Although a small percent of Americans, 21%, are still fighting Social Media for reasons of privacy, to be “off the grid”, or simply because they don’t know how to use it, that is fine for folks, however, in terms of business, if your business is not utilizing those platforms, the correct marketing strategies are not being put in place. Social Media helps small businesses and independent business owners rank higher on Google more quickly as if the content is producing clicks and traffic to the website.


How does Social Media Work?

Not only is Social Media relevant in the United States, it is vastly utilized globally. All major news channels use the tools to blast out relevant articles instantly and with the “Live” feature. The validity of the source can be viewed and verified, where in the past, manufactured and edited versions were more prevalent. It has become a daily source for all our news, education, entertainment, employment search, housing search, as well as a shopping platform. The great part of Social Media is that there is a filtration system to block sexually explicit, inappropriate, hateful, or violent content, which has recently been implemented in all platforms, specifically Instagram.
It has transitioned from promoting a virtual social media platform , where in the past, people just engaged in social interactions, to what it today: a source of business, networking, support system, and e-commerce site for people in your sphere of influence. The best part is that is free. Facebook has become a search engine and source for recommendations, sharing information, and alerting the public of national disasters. If the content posted is relevant or likable, the chances of it being shared by people in your friends list becomes likely, and what happens is that your brand/message reaches a broad audience and has potential to become viral.


How Does Social Media Impact SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical in getting your business website and name in the digital world. Although there are many Search Engines today such as Bing and Yahoo, the most utilized is Google, which 75% of people use, versus 7% Bing and Yahoo at 8%. Let’s focus on the most commonly used, Google. Think about what happens when you are presented of a fact or interested in buying a product, the first thing you do is do a simple “Google” search. If you notice that Google “fills in” a word prior to completely it, that is a great sign. That means that the word has relevancy in the online world. Once the word is auto-filled it will take you to the first page of Google. A solid online presence will show the website, all social media platforms, and any reviews. SEO takes traditionally 6-12 months to develop and rank on the first page if all marketing tools are being used and utilizing backlinks, blogs, and relevant keywords, and especially Social Media. If there are more platforms routing you to your website, naturally your SEO will improve and you will rank higher quicker.

How Does Social Media Get Your Website Clicks?

It’s not a simple as you might think, there are many variables that would drive traffic to your website, first is the content. What kind of content do you have? Is it interesting? Does it have an emotional feel? Is it shareable? Is it unique and well designed? Do you have followers, connections, likes? Often times, companies don’t post on a consistent schedule or do not have a social media presence at all, or don’t understand the importance and are missing out on optimizing their online presence. Gone are the days where people go by trust, the first thing an educated consumer is do a quick Google search. The way to get clicks on your website to rank you higher, quicker and organically, is by having Facebook, Instagram, and Linked-In Business accounts with the proper URL in the description. If you are producing good content consistently, the chance of people clicking on your website is inevitable. We are not even talking about “ad campaigns” or “boosts”, we are talking free, you will get a steady stream of clicks to your website as long good marketing content is produced. It will speed up the process and drive your ranking on Google more quickly and boost SEO. If a company does not have an online presence, in today’s world, they don’t exist.