Over the past 12 months, Samson Virtual has increased an average of 1000% in sales revenue YTD using social media content marketing efforts alone. We have duplicated the process and offered it to our clients, many of whom get a profitable result as well.

Here are the steps in the process:

1️⃣ Have a minimum of 3 social media platforms with consistent design and weekly content.

2️⃣ A good website is A MUST! To cross-pollinate and be able to rank higher on Google, along with the ability to run Ads on Google and make social media campaigns more powerful.

3️⃣ Humanize the brand. Make it personal, using either the 80/0 or 90/10 rule. Be slightly vulnerable, keep it positive, and mainly p.c. Be as genuine as possible, but tone the language down. We are all not Gary V!

4️⃣ Creative and relevant content marketing on all platforms, either daily or every other day, communication is key with your audience. Engaging and responding to them online is highly important. Planning a week’s worth of content is better than monthly, or annually as news, technology, relevancy, and state change rapidly. It’s more work, but the quality increases and validity of your information.

5️⃣ Minimum of 6-12 months and ongoing consistency.

6️⃣ You will notice your clicks go up drastically organically via your website’s Google Analytics, and where the traffic is coming from. Social media plays a huge role in an increase in organic clicks if the steps are followed.

7️⃣ This is when you get leads or inquiries- DM’s, comments, emails, messages on your website. You need to qualify them, engage in a friendly conversation, and gather their phone number and email.

8️⃣ Input their information in your CRM and run text and email campaigns. Not always “selling” but saying “Merry Christmas” and “How are you”, “Just checking in, anything new or exciting going on?”. Automation software is encouraged for this unless it’s a bigger client.

9️⃣ Follow up a minimum of 8-10 times before you move on. At least weekly or monthly. All that is tracked in your CRM.

🔟 We believe in higher education and learning, consulting our clients on the best courses of action to optimize their leads and increase their chances of a sales conversion.

I won’t give you all of my secrets, but this is a profitable and proven method. It’s not easy to duplicate, however, that’s why you need Samson Virtual to help you achieve results!

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