Most recently, Instagram announced that they will not be showing the number of likes (hearts) on each post. Over the past year, Instagram and Facebook have been very strict on their policies and maintaining high-level community standards.

Remember when Facebook and Instagram were shut off for hours and it felt like the world ended for a moment?

Facebook and Instagram have been cracking down on fake followers, growth tools, and bots and have shut down accounts using any fake help.

Most bots and growth tools are flagged are ineffective, Instagram and Facebook have you on their radar if there are fabricated activities using their algorithms to track your patterns. If an account goes against community policy it will be shut down completely.

This may not impact a popular account unless they are influencers and get paid to promote products on their account, what the biggest concern on the business standpoint is what it does to the business itself.

I know first-hand, I’ve had my days as well. So Instagram and Facebook caught on, we have so many people addicted to the high of the “like” and even monetizing it to the point of ridiculousness. Posting risque pictures and tantalizing content just to get that number up.

Instagram and Facebook have been noticing the effect on our youth, which is the main reason for this change and will be testing out removing likes in America, it’s been done in seven countries, including Japan, Brazil, Canada, among others.

What if I Did Buy Fake Likes/Followers?

The best course of action is to get rid of those fake followers or start from scratch if your audience is not big enough where it doesn’t impact your online presence.

Some of you have even purchased “real” followers from 3rd world countries, which in turn is setting up your account for failure and will mess up the SEO and ranking. If you have a business account, you can see what countries your followers are in, the ages, the gender, and more. 

How do Followers from Another Country Mess up My Account?

Unless you are directly trying to sell a product to other people in that country, you minimize your chances in your own geographic location of attracting the followers you want because the algorithm now picks up that most of your followers are from a different country. Reputable marketing agencies will tell you this, and not build up a “hype” to get you to buy a tool that hurts you in the long run. 

What should I do If I have Marketing Questions?

Contact Samson Virtual. We’re in it for the long haul just like you and will consult you in making the best marketing decisions for your company.¬†