Benefits of Online Reviews

Some businesses have a love/hate relationship with online reviews. If they have positive ratings, it helps with promoting their business and generating more sales. If they have negative reviews, it can push customers away. The fear of getting a bad review can cripple a business owner from asking for reviews. Understanding that there will be negative reviews, you cannot please every “Karen” of the world. The important part is how you handle the negative reviews in your communication and whether you can offer a solution.¬†

In today’s modern world, consumers rely on reviews to make purchasing decisions. If a company doesn’t have reviews online, they are missing out on tons of potential sales online and losing credibility when someone looks up their business. Here are some critical reasons why you need to start asking for reviews today:

Reviews Help You Rank Higher on Google

Reviews are considered one of the most important (and free) ways to get Google to trust you and your service, which ultimately helps with your SEO ranking. Google takes review ratings from multiple major platforms and sites when determining the order of businesses it returns in local searches for services.

Facebook, Yelp, and other growing social media and service platforms all perform the same way. The more reviews left by credible (and legitimate) accounts, the higher ranked you are when consumers look you up for the “Best” in your industry for the service.¬†

Reviews Provide Opportunities to Improve

There will be negative reviews; sometimes, it’s not necessarily a consistent problem, but even businesses have bad days. Taking the time to listen to their customer’s concerns and provide a solution that would benefit future sales and experiences since consumers can see how you handle the criticism. Not every negative review is warranted; sometimes, some cynical consumers will find a reason to say something terrible with no just cause. It is best to treat even hostile or negative remarks with a positive solution, never in an argumentative fashion. There is a lot you can learn from the reviews left for your business. 

Reviews Encourage Word-of-Mouth Marketing

When a customer is left satisfied with the service or product they purchased, they will talk about it with their friends. The beautiful part of having reviews online is that there are always ways your customers can advocate for you by sharing your information, mentioning your name, or providing a link to their friends online. Once you start gaining that type of word-of-mouth business, you have struck gold. The bottom line is this, your business needs online reviews, and if you need help with learning how to get them efficiently, contact me at 916.420.7735, you’ll be amazed at some of the new technology we offer now to make it simple for you to get reviews quickly.