You have heard some people say, “Build a website and the customers come!” Some marketers do say that unfortunately, they are setting the client up for failure.

Having a website is not enough in the world we live in today, especially if it is stagnant and no SEO strategy is in place. Although Google is still a primary and RELIABLE source for looking up a business, don’t forget Facebook, Instagram, Linked-in, Yelp, Yellow pages, and for some of my realtor friends Zillow and Trulia.

Those are just the fundamentals, there are more then I’m even mentioning. I didn’t mention Twitter…….It’s not like I don’t like Twitter – recently the platform has transformed into a gossip & politics ranting site which is not valuable to me from a business standpoint and rarely recommends it for any type of business unless there is a huge following already.

Once you have all of your relevant platforms up, SEO, videos, ads, and valuable information, you can cross-pollinate – building trust in all platforms combined makes you more powerful. So when someone “Google’s” your business, your website and all of your key social media platforms come up, using hashtags as “keywords” that will help you establish a higher ranking. Well, how would anyone even know to Google you? You put your content up on Social media and your website informing people what you do, the services you offer, and having marketing materials such as business cards to represent your brand. In some cases, more comprehensive marketing pieces.

Then you talk or hire a sales team to talk on your behalf. That’s how you get organic traffic to all of your digital information. Once you have a consistent base and fresh content every week, the ads you run through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Linked-in Sales Navigator have a better chance of performing as your audience will naturally research you before submitting their information online. That’s why you HAVE to have reviews as well.

If you stick to just one strategy, you are decreasing your chances of success. Instead of fishing in an ocean, you’re fishing in a puddle. If you invest in only 1 part of the marketing, it’s like buying a turkey leg and expecting that anyone that goes to your party and experiences that they will offer to invite you to their full Thanksgiving meal, equipped with a roasted turkey, sides, and dessert.

That’s not how it works in life and in marketing. Let’s get you a full-service marketing plan that works! Contact me today to get started!