Marketing jargon is like learning a new language. First of all, what is SEO? Google It!

If you didn’t, that’s fine, I’ll explain in layman’s terms. SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization? Google it!

Now….you might…..Ok, I’ll stop! This exercise is showing the power is SEO. Search Engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

With 70% of market share, Google is the primary search engine that is used Nationwide, that’s why I won’t even bother explaining how the others work.

Since 70% of online users use Google to find things and information, the way you get your website and information to matter is to get your website optimized with relevant current and POPULAR links to relate to your webpage.

That will help your website be crawled to look for keywords to determine how you rank. For example, if I wanted to dominate the marketing realm, I would hope that one day, you can Google “the best marketing company” and it would come up. Now, that’s when SEO matters.

Some of you have stagnant webpages that when you even Google your company name, it doesn’t even come up on the first page. Unless magically people click on our website, even if you have a website, you flushed money down the toilet. You need clicks to determine importance. There are different ways to accomplish that. Google Ads and using Social Media. Blogs are still huge. Videos with your website links.

Don’t ever use URL shorteners such as “Bitly”. I have nothing against them, they are brilliant as a company, but again, you give up the control and the clicks you get on their URL will go theirs, not yours which will defeat the purpose of SEO and getting your company on Google.

Rarely are businesses or brands an overnight success, a great quote by Tobias Lutke explains the best on this topic, “It took about 10 years for Shopify to be an overnight success.”

SEO takes time, but with the right marketer (Samson Virtual) we can help strategize with you accelerate it with proven techniques.

Google Samson Virtual, you’ll see how many happy clients decided to trust us with their marketing. I hope you do too!