know many of you watch famous people on social media, preaching about the importance of creating funnels and lead generation and all say the same thing: YOU DON’T NEED A WEBSITE!

I want you to take a moment and click on the links they are sending to you, do they provide a website or a landing page?

The answer is YES. Every single person or company that is urging to use their method, to buy their “get rich” master class for just $7 a month, to use only THIER methods, is just trying to create fear then offer a solution. Why would they try to sell you on “You don’t need a website?” when they have a website themselves?

It’s basic marketing and sales, and some of you buy into it. A lot of you. I’m not saying their methods are ineffective, most likely they are only if you are willing to put their method into action and continue to buy monthly to get teases of knowledge, so you’re hooked for long periods, relying on them to provide you with resources.

They have to make money and the strategy is this: let’s get rid of this expensive thing called a “website” and get them to use our “website” or “landing page”, then have our products increase in value and online presence and they might just get a cut. The fact of the matter is. It’s just another “get rich quick” sales tactic that doesn’t work for most. Especially in long term marketing, reputation, and online authority.

Websites, if designed correctly, are extremely valuable in ALL areas of marketing and provide cross-pollination in products and services across the board. You can provide a central and proprietary representation of your product equipped with valuable knowledge and FAQ’s. You can create a simple lead capture form and YOUR OWN sales funnel. Using different marketing approaches to get leads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linked-In Ads, Instagram Ads, combined, you have a powerful authority versus a lead capture form in the long term.

I encourage you to look up any reputable company and see if they have a website, I’m 100% certain that they do and the ones telling you that you don’t need a website have one too.

So the answer is YES, you do need a website and Samson Virtual can make a quality one that’s effective for long-marketing. Don’t get SOLD so easily.