Christmas is just around the corner and yes, many families are budgeting right now to make sure they have enough money to pay for their Christmas gifts or even take a vacation.

Although that might not be the only reason for a slow down in certain industries, this plays a huge factor in some industries. Instead of slowing down your marketing efforts, wouldn’t it make more sense to ramp it up? To attract MORE customers than to put a halt?

When it’s busy, you should maintain consistency, when it’s slow, you should ramp up your efforts. Then you can be on auto-pilot for a bit until you’re ready for more growth. We work with our clients to help them adjust their budgets accordingly.

In some cases, although experiencing growth and a return consistently, we don’t encourage increasing the budget unless we discuss directly with the client what the business goal is.

What if you can’t support that wave of brand new customers? Is your staff trained to maintain the quality and level of service? Do you want to risk putting your company’s reputation at risk if you can’t produce quality and customer satisfaction?

Samson Virtual is not only a marketing agency but also a marketing business consultant agency. Our goal is to help your company achieve profitable results and long-term returns, although I can’t guarantee it, just like I can’t guarantee you win the lottery, but the chances increase if you follow proven and optimized-for-profit techniques and tools.

The longer you wait to start marketing, the longer it takes for you to get results, so be wise!