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Hiring a Marketing Agency with over 30 Years Combined Experience is a More Cost-Effective Choice than an In-House Marketing Team. Trust Samson Virtual, we’re here for the long-term, just like you!

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Samson Virtual Marketing exists to solve the critical digital marketing issues clients are facing today, both large and small. Our unique and personable approach is not only what differentiates us, but makes us successful. We believe in core values that help drive your business, with many marketing strategies along with tools to help your business attract, grow, and retain clients.

We are a one-stop-shop for all of your marketing needs. We provide robust marketing packages that are customized to your brand, your vision, and your business needs. We will achieve to optimize and maximize your productivity through speed, accuracy, and collaborative efforts for a harmonious business relationship.


5 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency Instead of In-House Employees

1. Save Money By Hiring a Marketing Agency

Choosing to outsource your marketing agency is a huge money saver and less liability than hiring an in-house marketing team. The average Marketing Director demands a 96k salary annually, then the expenses of 401k, Workers Comp, Medical & Dental, and other company perks to support that employee. If you want to hire a dedicated team of marketing professionals, you will spend a minimum of 500k annually on salaries alone; this does not include overhead or any money towards Ads Spent budget. You would not have to deal with the office politics and drama of a W-2 hire when you outsource to a marketing agency, you pay for the service and agree to terms together. The marketing agency has to perform and produce results to retain you as a client giving optimal effort in your marketing plan. You’ll have the service without the headache of a W2 employee and save money, with more of the budget going to your ads spend, not the salary of an employee.

2. You Get a Full Team of Marketing Experts

Marketing agencies are compiled of SEO specialists, graphic artists, social media experts, sound designers, copywriters, and more, depending on your needs. In order to succeed in marketing, an agency owner only hires the cream of the crop in the industry. All of the experts have to have passion, skills, ability to adapt quickly, driven, and customer service focused. Finding a team yourself would take countless years and efforts to fulfill that. You would get a dedicated team without fielding them yourself.

3. You Will Be Able to Leverage Your Time and Invest in Your Business

You get to do what you love and drive your business to produce the results you want. You will have time to train your current employees to be outstanding in their field and invest in programs to help them learn to increase your value as a company. Empowering your employees to focus on their chosen career paths and providing a culture of openness and growth, you won’t have the distraction of managing another department such as marketing, we would handle that for you.

4. Your Marketing Efforts Will be Relevant

Marketing changes just as rapidly as technology in today’s world. Science and technology go hand in hand with marketing as to how quickly they have to adjust. Marketing agencies are required to stay relevant to succeed. They have to watch daily and learn of any changes to what is trending and be able to offer the best and newest technology available. The pressure of continuing education is taken off of your plate, and you have the most reliable and trending information at your fingertips with a marketing agency.

5. Get access to the Best and Proven Marketing Tools and Technology

Because we have to stay relevant in the industry, we are always seeking the best tools to offer to clients. An in-house marketing hire doesn’t have to have pressure to remain relevant as long as her/his job is safe. Along with finding the best tools, marketing agencies have to test the tools and ensure that they are proven before offering it, clients. It’s rare that an employee would ever dedicate this time and resources to ensure results.


What we do

Website Design

Your Message.  Your Brand.

We fully customize your business website design for your specific needs, with our design team focused on painting an accurate depiction of your vision. Our team has created a dream product with each website design being customized and branded uniquely with your specifications and dream. We work hard to make your vision for your company come true digitally. With the latest design tools in the industry, we continually improve to ensure that you will be getting the best for your brand. The time spent on getting your brand cohesive on all platforms to drive organic SEO.



Grow Your Business

Are you looking to develop an online presence with your business but not sure where to turn? We have robust SEO and Google Ads Campaigns with researched and proven keywords to generate business and capture leads. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential in today’s world. Google is the #1 Search Engine, and our goal is to get you on the first page, then we develop ads to capture leads or receive phone calls for your business. It’s a long-term commitment and is effective, which can yield a high ROI. Although each client and campaign is unique, we implement proven strategies to help achieve the desired result.

Google Ads

Get More Clicks and Conversions

Google plays a crucial role in today’s business relevancy, combined with a quality website; we use all relevant platforms to optimize your results. By doing extensive research on keywords, then developing a Google Ads strategy, we help you rank higher faster, along with fostering new business by making your ads relevant to your product, service, and location. We track and monitor the results and draft up reports, analyzing the data, and providing comprehensive feedback, along with recommendations to maximize the possible desired result, which is a sales conversion.

Marketing Strategy


With the understanding that each brand is different and unique, we strategize with our client and determine the best marketing solution for their specific niche. We do not “copy & paste” ideas, we zero in on the actual clients products and we best can implement and sustain long-term marketing. A way to create value for our clients is to provide comprehensive reports analyzing the current ranking on Google and Social Media first, then providing carefully strategized solutions and recommendations. Monthly reports are provided along with “call to actions” to increase chances of success. 

The samson Virtual Effect

Power In Personal Branding


Equates to Profit

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

From Our Clients

Collaborative Efforts

We’re fortunate to work with some of the best clients around, and would love for you to become a partner. Our team includes experts from many fields who are ready to help develop and grow your business. From idea to execution, we have vast experience throughout. Check out our client list below and get in touch with questions.

“Marina is very professional and very attentive to your company needs and hard working. She is always available to communicate and has been an attribute to promotion of my businesses.”

Dr. David R Gotham Jr DO

CEO, Gotham Aesthetics

“Marina and her team go above and beyond the call of duty! They listen to their clients needs and consistently deliver! I highly recommend Samson Virtual for social media marketing and web design!

Tricia Rossi

Associate Broker, Sotheby's International Real Estate

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